John Wordsworth's unpublished papers

Some of these papers are available in machine readable form from the author.

The enabling power of mathematics in sofrtware development. Produced as a working paper for the IEE President's Action Group: Working Group to champion issues in the Computer-based Systems Profession, September 1994.

Larch: Is this what you have been looking for?. A paper proposed for the Educational Issues session at the Z User Meeting in Reading in April 1997, but rejected by them.

Larch: Principles and Practice. Tutorial.

Making a formal model of the message translation interface. Outline of paper.

The Message Translation Interface: An Informal Description and a Formal Model. A formal model of a programming interface using the Abstract Machine Notation, with animation scripts.

Bill Pay Transactions: An Informal Introduction and a Formal Model. A formal model of a programming interface using the Abstract Machine Notation, with animation scripts.

Software engineering skills. A preliminary list for constructing a curriculum of software engineering education.

A sample e-business. An informal description of a sample business with a formal specification in the Abstract Machine Notation.

Why not use and executable specification language?.

Specifying existing interfaces. Discusses a problem of reverse engineering.

Using Z for specifying a user interface to an abstract data type. A Z specification of a simple bibliography management system.

Program design using Z and the guarded command language: a simple sort program.

Refinement tutorial: A storage manager. A Z specification with data and algorithm refinement.

Mail handling. A Z specification of the mail-handling functions of the post office.

New techniques of software development in CICS.

The BCS/IEE joint report on undergraduate curricula in software engineering: a personal view by a practising software engineer.

Z in CICS/ESA. An outline of a presentation of the use of Z.

The CICS application programming interface definition. A report on work done using Z to specify programning interfaces for transaction processing.

Six sigma quality software from formal specifications.

State box principles. An investigation using Z of the Cleanroom state boxes.

Black boxes and state boxes in Cleanroom software development.

Principles of Software Engineering. A presentation.

B Tutorial. Prepared for presentation at the 8th Z User Meeting, ZUM'94, 27th June, 1994, Saint John's College, Cambridge.

An Introduction to Z: Tutorial Notes.

Changes in Software and Systems: Requirements and Specifications. Outline presentation.

Bill Payment in Interactive Financial Services. Outline presentation.

Using formal models to understand interfaces. Outline presentation.

Data refinement in Z: a tutorial paper.

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